Cedro Finance Raises $1.5M

To Build an Omnichain Liquidity Platform
Case Study: Cedro Finance

Cedro.finance - Unifying Liquidity Across Multiple Chains

Bringing Simplicity and Connectivity to Token Lending and Borrowing

Case Study: Cedro Finance

Cedro Finance, a privately held venture capital-backed company, is a leading player in the financial software industry. The company has developed a lending and borrowing platform designed to unify fragmented liquidity across multiple chains. Built on LayerZero, an omnichannel interoperability protocol, Cedro Finance’s platform makes token lending and borrowing across chains easier, faster, and safer.

Despite its innovative solutions and a total funding amount of $1.5M, Cedro Finance recognized the need for a website redesign to better reflect its brand and offerings.


Cedro Finance


Palo Alto, California, United States

Project status

🚀 Released 

Scope of work

Product Discovery | Scoping | Product Design | UX Design | UI Design  | Development

Latest Deal Amount

Total Funding Amount $1.5M

Cedro General Information

Developer of lending and borrowing platform designed to unify the fragmented liquidity across multiple chains. The company’s platform is built on LayerZero, an omnichannel interoperability protocol, enabling customers to make token lending and borrowing across chains easier, faster, and safer.

The Challenge

The original Cedro Finance website was functional but lacked the modern, user-friendly design that would appeal to its tech-savvy audience. The challenge was to create a website that not only visually represented the brand but also provided an intuitive user experience for its customers.

The Solution

User Experience (UX)

The new website was designed with the user in mind, ensuring that information about Cedro Finance’s services was easy to find and understand.

Brand Representation

The redesign incorporated Cedro Finance’s brand colors and logo throughout the site, creating a cohesive look and feel that accurately represented the company.

Responsive Design

Recognizing that many of its users would be accessing the site from various devices, the redesigned website was made fully responsive.

After & Before
comparisonCase Study: Cedro Finance

Comparing the before and after of the Cedro Finance website redesign:

cedro-dashboard-1 (1)dash

The Results

The redesigned website has been well-received by both existing and potential customers. It not only reflects Cedro Finance’s innovative approach to financial services but also provides a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for customers to understand and access the company’s services.

Benefits for the End Customer

Unified Liquidity

By unifying fragmented liquidity across multiple chains, Cedro Finance allows customers to access a larger pool of resources, enhancing their borrowing and lending opportunities.

Efficiency and Safety

Built on LayerZero, an omnichannel interoperability protocol, the platform ensures fast, easy, and safe transactions. This can significantly reduce the risk associated with digital transactions.

Cross-Chain Operations

The ability to lend and borrow tokens across chains provides customers with greater flexibility and expands their operational scope.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Digitization can lead to a significant reduction in transaction costs, making the lending and borrowing process more cost-effective for customers.

Improved Productivity

The platform’s efficient design and user-friendly interface can improve labor productivity by simplifying complex processes.

Social and Economic Inclusion

Once the prototype receives approval, we advance to the product development phase in accordance with the agreed-upon development strategy. Upon the conclusion of each sprint, we will provide you with updates for you to assess the progress and offer any feedback for modifications.


The website redesign for Cedro Finance demonstrates the power of a well-designed website. It not only enhances the company’s brand but also improves the user experience, ultimately contributing to the company’s bottom line.

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