Our Methodologies

We are all about supercharging tech-based businesses. But make no mistake – software development is just a part of what we do at Dignep. Our mission is to deliver all-around support for startups and SME’s at all stages of development.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a human-centric approach to innovation and problem-solving. It encourages empathy, ideation, and experimentation to create user-centered solutions. Everything we do follows this guiding principle.

Design Thinking

The Process

Empathize :- Conduct user research to gather insightful information about end-users’ needs and problems.

Define:-Clearly define the problem based on insights gathered during the first phase.

Ideate:-Brainstorm creative solutions and encourage divergent thinking to explore various possibilities.

Prototype:-Develop a tangible or visual representation of the solution to test its functionality and effectiveness.

Test:-Test the prototype with users to gather feedback and learn about its strengths and weaknesses.

Iterate:-Based on feedback, iterate and refine the solution to enhance its effectiveness and alignment with user needs.


Agile is a set of principles for software development. It prioritizes customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and iterative progress.It is ideally utilized in environments where product requirements are expected to change and evolve over time. Agile is standard practice for most of our projects.

Agile 1

Our Process

Requirement gathering :-Collect and analyze project requirements, prioritizing them based on stakeholder value.

Iteration planning:- Plan short development cycles with clear objectives for each phase.

Development:- Develop features iteratively, encouraging regular collaboration and feedback.

Testing and integration:-Implement continuous testing and integration to ensure module compatibility and stability.

Review and adaptation:-Frequently assess project progress, adapting plans based on evaluations and feedback.

Deployment and feedback:-Execute incremental releases, incorporating feedback loops for continuous improvement.


Scrum is a flexible and iterative Agile framework that’s ideal for managing complex software and product development using incremental progress through sprints. It is best suited to projects where requirements might change rapidly and there is a need for frequent adaptations. All of our teams are led by a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.


Our Process

Project backlog creation:-Identify and document the project requirements.

Sprint planning:-Prioritize and select backlog items for the next sprint.

Sprint:-Execute tasks with timeboxing (typically within 2-4 weeks).

Daily standup:-Conduct daily team meetings to ensure alignment and discuss progress and roadblocks.

Sprint review:-Evaluate the output and present it to stakeholders.

Sprint retrospective:-Reflect on the process and make necessary adjustments for future sprints.


DevOps is an “infinite-loop” methodology that integrates software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to enhance collaboration and productivity. It’s used in projects where rapid, continuous delivery is a priority.


Our Process

Planning and collaboration:-Collaboratively plan and define project requirements.

Code development:-Develop code emphasizing version control and collaboration.

Continuous integration:-Integrate code changes regularly and automatically test them.

Deployment:-Employ automated tools for seamless deployments.

Monitoring and feedback: Monitor system performance and gather feedback for improvements.

Automation and optimization:-Continuously automate repetitive tasks and optimize processes.

Our Technology Stack

Our MEAN Stack experts are proficient in Full Stack JavaScript and the four key elements of this technology: MongoDB (M), Express JS (E), Angular JS (A), and Node.js (N). As a leading MEAN stack development services company, we provide premier app solutions to help propel your business into the digital age. We guarantee that the teams dedicated to your MEAN development are skilled in utilizing effective tools.

pic technology stack 1

Let’s work together

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