How We Work

There are different service provider arrangements, and you can choose the one that’s right for you. At Dignep, we can help you determine which type of business engagement model is most beneficial for you, as well as given specifications, business needs, and capabilities. Here are two of the most suitable IT engagement models for our clients that we have developed over the years:

Team as a service Engagement Model

The team-as-a-service (TaaS) vendor engagement model allows you to get the capabilities you need when your in-house team is lacking or you don’t have the required resources without the expense and time of talent acquisition, training, recruiting, and day-to-day management.

The team structure for this IT engagement model is unique to each case and depends on your business needs, required technologies and timelines, and organizational model, allowing you to close gaps in technology, knowledge, or pace of work.


You need to rapidly expand your development capabilities and have no time or budget to go with a talent acquisition process

You need additional expertise your internal team doesn’t have

You want to establish an offshore development department to divide the risks or cut costs and outsource development

You want to create a product and outsourcing would be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team

You need to decrease the time-to-market of your product/speed up your delivery

You have a long-running and complex project without a clear final scope that requires diverse specialists at various stages

You are tech-savvy and know how you want to see the software development process so we can bring it to life.

End-to-End Engagement Model

This IT business engagement model operates on a turnkey approach, delivering products or services. We understand your request, explore your business concept, and formulate the scope of work along with an optimal solution.

Following a thorough evaluation of the effort involved and the creation of a detailed roadmap, we implement the product iteratively, incorporating regular demos and feedback. The outcome is a market-ready product, requiring minimal involvement in team processes and routine technical details on your part.

The end-to-end engagement model proves advantageous in the following scenarios:

Software Development Outsourcing

You lack technical expertise and prefer concentrating on other business priorities, entrusting development to a dependable vendor.

You possess an idea for a future product and seek to outsource the entire development process to seasoned experts capable of establishing a robust development framework for a successful outcome.

You require someone capable of visualizing and executing the project comprehensively from inception to completion.

You’re in need of a team of versatile specialists for specific projects and have no intention of hiring a permanent internal team.

You aim to attain more accurate financial projections by estimating costs and scope, strategically planning your company’s annual budget, and securing investment needs.

You seek a turn-key solution to streamline collaboration processes, save time, and mitigate the risk of knowledge loss between vendors and project phases.

Payment Models

We provide you with two payment models to make our cooperation as seamless and efficient as possible. You can choose what model fits better based on your needs.

Time and Material is the most flexible and widely used approach to IT outsourcing because the client pays only for the time spent on the work without any hidden costs. The Dignep team starts with reviewing the input client’s requirements and refining the scope.

Then we provide a ballpark estimation and create a project roadmap with the key milestones. After each milestone, Dignep holds a demo to gather feedback and prioritize the planned work for the next iteration.