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Our work process

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Our Easy and Streamlined Development Process

It’s imperative that each of our projects follows these 9 steps in the process. By successfully integrating the results of these 9 steps, we can accomplish our objective of creating business solutions that are free of errors, user-friendly, and secure.

NDA agreements

To relieve you of all the worries about protecting your ideas and data, we start our work by suggesting mutually signing IP protection and NDA agreements.

Project Discovery

We will engage in discussions with all involved parties until we reach a mutual understanding of any uncertainties, such as whether our services and approaches align with your needs, prior to making any commitments regarding timelines and costs.

Find the Best Solution

After 1st and 2nd step, we will have all the required ingredients for making your product, but in this step with collective inputs from team members, we will analyze risks and amount of efforts required to make your product

UI/UX Design

Our team creates attractive and personalized UI/UX designs, inclusive of elements like icons and buttons, utilizing advanced tools such as Figma. These designs will provide you with a clear vision of the anticipated final result.


Based on the UI/UX designs, we create a working prototype that will give you an exact idea of how all the features, functions, buttons, animations will work when a particular action takes place like clicking a button.

Agile Development

Once the prototype receives approval, we advance to the product development phase in accordance with the agreed-upon development strategy. Upon the conclusion of each sprint, we will provide you with updates for you to assess the progress and offer any feedback for modifications.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team and their approach of Incremental Quality Testing lets us start testing at the initial level to avoid any unsolicited surprises in the end. We make sure that you have an error free product within the promised timeline.


After all the development sprints and Quality Testing, we will launch a bug-free and streamlined product on app stores, cloud, or your servers.

Support and Maintenance

Even after going live, we offer a free support period for the time where you may need a technical partner for time-to-time check up and maintenance, upgrades, feature addition, and other such activities.

We don’t just code.
We speak the language of innovation.

Dive into the cutting-edge world of Dignep!

Innovation and excellence drive our software development company, fueling creativity and performance.
Our technology stack is a vibrant blend of proven methods and the latest industry trends. Reliability, scalability, and cutting-edge tools are at the core of what we do.
At the heart of everything we do is agile development. Our dynamic approach lets us tailor our solutions to every client’s unique needs, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Languages We Speak:

From JavaScript, Python, C#, to HTML/CSS and more – our expert developers craft robust software with precision and style.
Our mastery of databases and data handling makes us industry leaders. From Windows and MacOS to iOS and Android, we’re at ease with all, translating your vision into reality.
What else sets us apart?

A versatile suite of tools and techniques for testing, debugging, and deploying. our rigorous process ensures our solutions are ready for action.
Stay with us as we continually innovate and refine our tech stack. Our commitment to excellence ensures we’re always ahead of the game, delivering top-tier solutions to our clients. Your future begins here, with Dignep!

Step into Success with Dignep: Elevating Your Vision

Schedule a discovery call

In the Product Discovery process we ensure representatives from all perspectives are involved. This means building a team of technical experts, target end-users and business-oriented individuals. Typically, these roles will include:-Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Frontend Developer and Business Representative.

Get a customized plan

Receive a personalised plan and proposal addressing your challenges, analysed by Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Frontend Developer and Business Representative. and the team.

Meet your new team

Meet your newly assembled team, led by one of our tech leads, with defined roles and tasks based on your plan.To solve user problems effectively, we co-create potential features, generating a diverse list for prioritisation in the first product release or later consideration.

Month long trial period

Test your team’s output during a 30-day trial period. Not happy with someone? We work with you to replace them at no extra cost. We identify, define and prioritize which problems should be addressed, and base our decisions on customer needs, competitor analyses and your business goals.

Define Next Steps & Prioritize Investment:

Product Discovery provides tangible outcomes to help guide your product development. At the end of the process, you can expect to have a clear customer persona, validated product prototype, a strategic product roadmap, and MVP estimations. These insights will be instrumental in driving your product vision, aligning your team, and communicating the product strategy to stakeholders. When you have a plethora of product ideas, Product Discovery aids in wise and rational prioritization for investment considerations.

Got any questions? Great.
We’ve got answers

Our approach revolves around design thinking, prototyping, and user testing principles. The result is a well-defined persona, validated prototype, product roadmap, and MVP estimations.

Product Discovery can be valuable at any stage of startup development, whether it's finding a market fit, MVP testing, or preparing for scaling. However, its greatest value is during the pre-seed funding stage, helping startups rapidly answer critical business questions and verify their idea's market success potential.

While each project is unique and influenced by its own dynamics, the average duration for completing the Product Discovery process ranges from 1 to 3 months.

Product Discovery provides tangible outcomes to help guide your product development. At the end of the process, you can expect to have a clear customer persona, validated product prototype, a strategic product roadmap, and MVP estimations. These insights will be instrumental in driving your product vision, aligning your team, and communicating the product strategy to stakeholders.

Great question. Most outsourcing companies fail at 2 things:

  1. Freeing your time: the more tasks you outsource with them, the more managing you have to do.
  2. Getting your devs to work on their own: outsource devs can’t be hard to manage. If there’s no clear task available for them to work on, they’ll sit idle, wasting your resources.

We solve both problems by offering self-managed teams of 3 people (or more). Your teams always include a Scrum Master. They’re accountable for execution and will manage your devs, while communicating with you on a regular basis.

This approach to outsourcing gives you a strong team that works as a unit, as opposed to individual devs, and lets you focus on meeting your goals, not micromanaging.


Our remote development teams work on flexible timings to accommodate the difference in the client’s time zones. However, if we were to set a clock, our teams work 8hs shifts but are availble from 8 AM to 7 PM NPT for Europe and APAC regions. 

Get an idea about the working hours overlap between the timezones below.


5hs 15m ahead of Nepal – Overlap: 3.75 working hours


4hs 45m behind Nepal –  – Overlap: 5.25 working hours


5hs 45m behind Nepal – Overlap: 4.25 working hours


10hs 45m behind Nepal – Overlap: 2.158 working hours (extended)


13hs 45m behind Nepal – Overlap: 1.458 working hours (extended)

For specific projects, we can build teams that adapt to time zones outside our usual working hours. Get in touch with us.

You can forget about timesheets and screenshotting people’s laptops. Your team comes with a dedicated Scrum Master to keep track of tasks, assignments, and workload. And most importantly, to make sure your team is working to capacity to meet your goals.

Our offshore software development teams operate from Nepal, a burgeoning tech hub in South Asia. With an average hourly rate ranging from 20 to 40 USD, Nepal boasts one of the most favourable offshore cost ratios globally in terms of expertise and quality of work.

In a broad sense, our offshore developers and dedicated teams deliver results at nearly half the cost and time compared to hiring in the US or EU. Leveraging the relatively lower cost of living, we are actively advancing our social mission by creating sustainable job opportunities for our developers, eliminating the need for them to seek better livelihoods outside of Nepal.

Let’s work together

We have the confidence and expertise to challenge the status-quo. Let’s collaborate to take your product to new heights & We’ve created a process that knits your product with the innovation it deserves.